What is a Hashtag? And What Can You Do With Hashtaging?

Certainly you have seen the term hashtag in many sites and certainly have asked about the meaning of this word and how it can be used.

A hashtag is a word or a phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), being used in many social networks like Twitter to identify a specific topic or to group a collection of tweets under a topic.

The purpose of using the hashtag is to convert the subject into a searchable topic on the platforms or applications.

The first appearance or use of this term was through Twitter, and then spread to many social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Do we only use these hashtags only with news topics or with topics of high importance?

Certainly the answer is not.

Such hashtags can be used on many topics, as well as news topics to draw attention to topics or issues of different interest as well as the potential to benefit from e-marketing.

How can we create a hashtag?

A hashtag consists of one word, an abbreviation or a phrase, provided:

  1. Do not separate words from each other by a space
  2. Be preceded by the number sign, hash, or pound sign  (#)

The correct use of hashtags certainly will attract more attention to the subject for which it was used; this attention hopefully be translated into more clicks and visits.

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